30 April 2023

Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable

One of the joys of walking around Madrid is coming upon buildings in the Mudéjar style. This is one – the Casa Árabe – which I’d never even heard of, never mind seen.

It doubles as a cultural centre and a restaurant. A place to visit in the next week or so. Meanwhile, a foto taken today at the main gate:-

Not quite as impressive but still attractive are the old-style flat-blocks which put many modern ones to shame. Such as these two, across the road from the Casa Árabe:

And here are a couple of fotos taken at a shop in a commercial centre in south Madrid, when toy-buying for my grandson. As you look at the displays, bear in mind that it’s hard to buy even a pen-knife in the UK. Though I guess you can always buy a kitchen knife with which to kill someone:-

For those who crave something to read, here and here are reviews of the book previously cited on Boris Johnson’s premiership. About which no one should really have been very surprised.

An here’s an article on the funny series from Oz called Colin from Accounts.

Finally . . .

I know dreams can be very strange but I was rather taken aback last night to have one which featured my beautiful ex-neighbour, Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm and my ex-mother-in-law. Who don’t have a lot of common. Though some people don’t like Larry David . . .