27 April 2023

Cosas de España/Galiza

The family tragedy I mentioned yesterday was the death of my daughter’s partner from undiagnosed meningitis, only 3 days from the first symptoms showing. Today will be very tough for her and her 4 year old son, as the cremation takes place within the stipulated max of 48 hours.

There are 2 things the Spanish do extraoridnarily well, at opposite ends of the spectrum:-

  • Mounting a fiesta, and
  • Processing a cremation or internment

The latter is helped by very customary family insurance, meaning that the company relieves you immediately and professionally of the task of dealing with the funeral company. And the tanatorio.

And one thing Spanish friends are superb at is being simpático for those grieving.

What they don’t do is dress in anything funereal for a visit to the tanatorio and/or attendance at the cremation/burial.

So, today I won’t be the one standing out as the only person dressed in black. If only because, not expecting a death, I left them back In Poio when I drove down to Madrid yesterday. Nor will I be the only one in jeans.

Life goes on.



  1. Colin, our most sincere condolences for your Daughter and family. Such a terrible shock for you all.


  2. Terrible sad news Colin.
    My deepest sympathies to you and your daughter. Of course your grandson too, who will no doubt be relieved his Grandpa Col is there with him.


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