29 January 2023

Awake, for morning in the bowl of night has flung the stone that puts the stars to flight.

And, lo, has caught the sultan’s turret In a noose of light!

Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable

 Christopher Howse: ‘A Pilgrim in Spain’

Cosas de España/Galiza

How living in Spain just got a lot easier, for post-Brexit Brits especially.

Talking of living in Spain and its downsides . . . This happened to me a couple of years ago, though in my case my snaffled wallet – sans €250 – was posted in a special slot in the wall of Madrid’s Correos building. By the time I got it back, however, I’d been through the hassle of renewing all my cards and bought a new wallet. So, cold comfort really.

Disappearing Spain: The first street for camino pilgrims entering Pv city has been tarted up recently and now boasts several hotels, hostels and albergues. It’s 90% hi-rise buildings but used to consist of 2-story building such as this one, as did every street in Spain:-

These are now rare in the street, though there does remain one of the minifundios for which Galicia is famous. Probably worth quite a lot now:-

Why am I not surprised to read that Galicia has more radar traps than any other Spanish region and that Pv Province is the number 1 province for mobile radar machines that can be attached to fences and the like? It’s a poor region that needs revenue from one source or another.


I mentioned the documentary from this chap the other day.


George Santos stands as the symbol of his time.

The Way of the World

So overwhelmed by the belief that it does not deserve its own remarkable success, Western democracy is now torturing itself into a denial of its own virtues. Full article here.


Traer a colación:

1. Aducir pruebas o razones en abono de una causa.

2. Mezclar palabras o frases inoportunas en un discurso o conversación.


Gopping:  UK slang: ugly; disgusting horrible

Just in case you need it . . . in Chinese: 醜陋的, 可怕的…

Did you know?

The estimable Ian gives us his patatas bravas recipe. I can certainly vouch for the truth of his comment that this dish varies greatly around the country, both as regards the spuds and the sauce.

Finally . . .

Another smile/guffaw from the world of fashion, where the models, someone has said, are clopping comedy clothes horses:

I forgot to say that another reason for going to Vigo on Friday was to collect my defunct Mac from the Apple shop and to pay them €85 for the few minutes it took them to identify a dead motherboard and to write me an estimate for repairs. I’m rather off Apple right now. But I guess they’ll survive my disfavour.

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