18 December 2022: A better foto of the bridge in blue; & Other stuff

Awake, for morning in the bowl of night has flung the stone that puts the stars to flight.

And, lo, has caught the sultan’s turret In a noose of light!

Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable

– Christopher Howse: ‘A Pilgrim in Spain

Cosas de España/Galiza

Down in Andalucia, those over 65 can get a useful discount card. Researching whether there’s something similar in Galicia, I found this guide to the regions’ largesse. And this bald statement therein: En Galicia no existe ninguna tarjeta ni programa específico para las personas mayores. So, it’s what’s called – pejoratively – a ‘postcode lottery’ in the UK.

Talking of gifts from national/regional governments . . . Last year, Madrid offered all ‘young people’ a Bono Cultural worth €400. But only 58% of those eligible have taken up the chance to attend relevant events. Perhaps, if they were given the opportunity to buy €400’s worth of, say, Beyonce’s output, the take-up would be much higher.

The Spanish government’s number for the percentage of smokers here is rather higher than that included in a global survey I recently cited – 33% v c.24%. But the latter figures disguise the fact that women – particularly young ones – now smoke more than men in Spain. Or at least in ‘sophisticated’ Pv city.

I’m off to Pv city’s Sunday flea-market (rastrillo) this morning, though I suspect the threatened rain will minimise sellers. I wonder if I’ll find anything as strange as last week’s wooden box for foie gras and the 2m long 60’s radio for above the headboard of the ‘marital’ bed.


Trump finally politically dead? Sort of.

Meanwhile . . . Astonishingly . . .

The Way of the World

A thought-provoking article on democratic freedoms.

Quote of the Day

Qatargate’ threatens to do serious damage to the European parliament, an institution that is meant to give democratic legitimacy to the EU but has failed to shake off its image as a multilingual talking shop filled with overpaid politicians who would struggle to make it at home. Nigel Farage, for example. Plus many other Brits no one knows the names of.

The World Cup


1. Morocco have won so many friends with their wholehearted commitment, camaraderie and sheer verve. 

2. Whether Modric’s glittering international career is all over remains to be seen.


El brillibrilli: 1. Un conjunto de pequeñas piezas o partículas que brillan reflejando la luz; 2. Un conjunto de prendas y otros elementos adornados con pequeñas piezas o partículas que brillan reflejando la luz. Bling?


The word ‘guttersnipe’ has, sadly, fallen out of use. But yesterday I saw it applied to the Ginger Whinger, Prince Harry. Here’s the dictionary on it:- 1) A low-life classless buffoon who fancies him/herself above all others.

2) A person who feels they can act on their own whimswithout regard to consequences to themselves or others.

3) One who thumbs their nose at polite society.

Did you know?

A lot of folk are very excited about very recent ‘nuclear fission’ developments. If you’re among them, here’s a bucket of cold water for you on this. Note: There’s a difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. Both are used in this article, leaving me confused as to which one is causing all the current (over)excitement in the media. Perry?

Finally . . .

To amuse . . .

Bad news from Manchester where people seem to have mislaid their sense of humour. A gym owner’s billboard poster has been vandalised and he has received complaints because it reads “Tired of being fat and ugly? Now just be ugly”. How disappointing that here, of all places, some don’t appreciate a great joke. Les Dawson, the late, genius writer of fat and ugly gags, was from Manchester. How would such sensitive souls cope with him saying his mother-in-law was so fat she got her knickers on prescription? Or that he called his wife “Treasure” because she looked like she’d just been dug up.

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