24 September 2022: Tax increases: Pet news; Tax decreases; Ancient GW; & Other stuff

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Awake! For, Morning, in the Bowl of Night, has flung the Stone that puts the Stars to Flight
And, Lo, has caught the Sultan’s Turret in a Noose of Light

Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable
Christopher Howse: ‘A Pilgrim in Spain’

Cosas de España/Galiza 

In contrast to the British government (infra), the Spanish government is going to increase taxes on the richest members of society, ‘For 2 years only’, of course.

The Spanish PM says his government will support an agreement over Western Sahara which is mutually acceptable to Algeria and Morocco. Well, why on earth wouldn’t he? Spain needs excellent relations with both – gas producing – states.

You’ll all be as thrilled as I was to hear that the EU’s first yoghurt especially for dogs and cats will not just be made in Spain but in Galicia. Right here in Pontevedra, in fact! In one of those stupid uses of fashionable English, it’s called YowUp! God knows why. Perhaps Spanish dogs say Yow Yow instead of Bow Wow . .

Did I already report that a guy was recently arrested in Vigo on an e-scoter tuned to enable a speed of 96kph? It probably had its noise suppressor removed too, so that it sound fast even at 20kph.

Dear god . . . There’s actually been 5 tractor deaths already this month in Galicia. Even worse than I feared. 

The UK

Has Ms Truss gambled her political future away, significantly reducing the euro value of my pension in the process? Time will tell. About 2 years max., I?d guess.

Non-A GW

Back in the 4th century, the Huns surged out of the East, driving the Vandals, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, et al further and further westwards and southwards, including into Spain and North Africa. In fact, Attila was eventually defeated at a battle in central Gaul. So, what compelled the Huns westwards? Well, major climate change. This which had led to severe ‘megadroughts’ and crop disasters in their homelands but doesn’t seem to have had much to do with carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Just sayin’.


Sacar tajada:  ‘To obtain with skill some advantage, and especially part of what is distributed among several people’.

Boato. Pomp. Think funeral.

Finally   . . . .   

I put my alabaster chess set in the garage, to avoid my 3 year old grandson breaking it in his aggressive version of a chess game. Last night, a shelving unit fell down, relieving 10 pieces of their heads. Mostly pawns. Which – if someone had to suffer – might strike some as appropriate.

To amuse:-

For new readers: If you’ve landed here looking for info on Galicia or Pontevedra, try here. If you’re passing through Pontevedra on the Camino, you’ll find a guide to the city there.


  1. I am afraid we will have to brace ourselves for more pound/euro grieve. I expect sterling to fall below parity (to the Euro). It is the end of the “kindness of others” a termed by Carney. Britain’s economy has finally been found out.


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