5 September 2022: Stuff I can’t be arsed to entitle today as I’m still using the irritating phone app. . .

Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable

      – Christopher Howse: ‘A Pilgrim in Spain’ 

Energy: An interesting bit of news from Spain, for which I can’t manage to insert a link . .


Cosas de Pontevdra

Well, the rain finally arrived and is almost welcome, despite the dreary view from my eerie. We’re very lucky it didn’t ruin our Medieval Fair of the weekend. Now for tomorrow’s cyclone . . .

Despite it now being September, the Pv city guides are still in biz. In fact, at midday yesterday I came up against the largest groups yet, of 40-50 members. Needless to say, the guides for these now use loudspeakers. So we all get to learn something.

Anyway, I think I’ve learned how to get fotos when writing posts on my phone . .

As for said Fair, as ever, I was astonished on see how all Saturday’s detritus had been cleared up by Sunday morning.

One new attraction this year was a nice collection of traditional fishing boats on the O Burgo Bridge. . .

I occasionally say the Spanish are never more industrious and efficient than when they’re preparing to have fun. The gate here is a recreation of the old Portuguese gate, where camino pilgrims enter the old quarter. But the ox is genuine . . .

And this is the impressive re-creation of a gaol, just for one day . . .

Complete with this at the side of it. .

Cosas de España/Galiza

I might not have my finger on the pulse but it seems that – compared with the UK – here in Spain there’s far less concern about massive financial hardship this winter and unrest leading to, inter alia, violence on the streets. Possibly because of government measures such as free transport and significantly reduced VAT on fuel bills. Or perhaps it has something to do with the media.

More hassle for car drivers . . .

Just in case . . https://cleantechnica.com/2022/09/03/nearly-150-spanish-cities-rolling-out-low-emission-zones-in-2023/

Quote of the week

There are so many different problems coming at us from so many different angles that no one has yet spotted the biggest problem of them all: the complete and utter uselessness of today’s youth.


Tiovivo: Roundabout. Merry-go-round. Carousel

Finally . . .

The latest bit of Spanglish to come to my notice . . Stalkear: To stalk. Apparently replacing: Acosar/Acechar. But why not Estalkear?


  1. You might have gone quite Freudian in your eerie, in view of the exhibits at the Medieval Fair, but I must query your non use of eyrie; common partridge, quail, or bob-white of the United States, Colinus virginianus, that you are? 😌😍😘😗


  2. Quote of the week – Said by Jeremy Clarkson by any chance?

    My Leroy Merlin experience: 5 weeks ago they delivered a loo to us. We didn’t start the installation until last week (we were held up by other tradesmen). We opened it, it was cracked in several places. We dragged it back to LM, to return it (you have 100 natural days) and asked for the refund. They said NO, because deliveries should be checked within 10 days. I disagreed as we hadn’t been informed, and it is not in the T&C’s. They still said NO. So, I cancelled an order for 5000 Euros of flooring due for the end of this month. A quick phone call later, and they were happy to give us our money back for the 300 Euro chamber pot. Now, if only they had checked my data first and not when the flooring was mentioned. Even so, flooring or not, I was still disappointed, it is not exactly a recipe for building up loyalty for the long term. Later on in-store we asked where we could find a certain model of toilet seat. The young assistant, quickly and efficiently procured one from the warehouse, and what do you know? We get to the till, and they gave it to us for free. Hmmm. Moral of the story, buy a toilet, return it, get the goodwill toilet seat. Just make sure you have a toilet to use it on. Fortunately it wasn’t for us.


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