3 September: 2022

This is a token post as my laptop battery finally gave up the ghost, as I was about to publish, and I have lost my draft. I did try to replace it last week but ran into the problem of August in Spain

Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable

                               – Christopher Howse: ‘A Pilgrim in Spain’ 


A UK overview: People are dying now because they can’t see their GP or get treatment in a hospital. We had a wartime economy for a threat that was killing approximately 0.3% of the population. But lockdown will, in the end, kill many more than 0.3%. More lives would have been saved if we had done absolutely nothing and kept working and going to the pub.

Cosas de España/Galiza

The never-ending story . . . A Spanish friend told me yesterday that drivers here never signal left. I know this isn’t totally true but rather wish it was. This morning, a driver in front of me on a roundabout signalled left even when he/she was exiting right. And then, as is quite common, started signalling right after they’d left the roundabout.

There are some very odd festivals in Spain but the annual Tomatina must be among the weirdest . . .

The forecasted rain of the last few days didn’t really arrive and now we have a cyclone – possibly turning into a hurricane – from Tuesday next.


Hmmm. There are ructions there, as one of the national football team is accused of paying for a curse to be put on one of his colleagues, the star player.

Finally . . .

Here there should a be a foto of a T-shirt showing a marijuana plant with a message superimposed saying Relax. Colin is here. No idea why. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. On a narrow one way street I was parking about 4 weeks ago. It means reversing in to a what I think is known as battery parking, with the front end sticking out. The fella behind lost patience and tried to get through the small gap, severely damaging my front bumper, wheel arch, left wheel and left headlight.
    We did the form, drew pictures, I took a gazillion photos. We signed off. Two weeks ago my insurance said it was my fault, due to an incorrectly ticked box on the form. It has cost me 330 euros, the remaining 1200 covered by my supposedly fully comp insurance. The insurance company is Pelayo. I am a bit more than peeved. When the insurance comes up for renewal, Pelayo will hike it up. I will tell them to s** off or in Spanish something along the lines of vete a la ….. . What is the point of insurance when they won’t fight your corner.
    A few years ago I had Direct Line for my motorbike. A car hits me, destroys my moto, puts me in hospital. They offered me 1000 Euros. So I sued my own insurance company. Can you believe it! I won, and got six times that amount.


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