9 August 2022: Some Galiza stats; & Maps; Moses the man; Judith Durham again, & Other August stuff.

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Awake! For, Morning, in the Bowl of Night, has flung the Stone that puts the Stars to Flight
And, Lo, has caught the Sultan’s Turret in a Noose of Light

Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable
Christopher Howse: ‘A Pilgrim in Spain’

Cosas de Spain/Galiza

A cultural question which arose during a typical – and enjoyable – Spanish dinner last night, starting at 10 and involving 6 kids: Does the inclusion of rug-rats impact on adult conversation?

A secret factory has been discovered in Vigo, where more than 50 drug-speedboats – narcolanchas – were being manufactured. So, not all this business has moved down to Portugal. Or perhaps it has now.

This is list of the spend of ‘foreign travellers’ in Galicia this month, in descending order:- United Arab Emirates: €383/day Mexico China Switzerland USA Canada Israel Colombia Brazil Andorra €208

But when it comes to total numbers, it’s the French and the Portuguese who outnumber the rest. Here’s where foreigners are said to spend their hols, with an indication in which spots German, Italians and Mexicans concentrate:- Light blue: French: Green: Dutch Red: Portuguese Dark Blue: North Americans Orange: Swiss White: Others

And here, in case you need it, is a map of the camino routes which come up from Portugal and wend their various ways through Galicia to Santiago de Compostela. Increasing choice, of course. And there’ll surely be a new map next year. When maybe there’ll be a 4th camino passing through Pv city. Compared with just 1, 10 years ago.

Which reminds me . . New Airbnb places have naturally sprung up in Pv city’s old quarter, involving restoration of old properties. I saw one yesterday directly above a night club that opens at midnight. I must check whether this is mentioned in the Airbnb profile of the place.

Yesterday’s plan for my 8 visitors from Madrid was to get up early for the beach. They left the house just before 13.00. Today, looks like being a repeat, based on when they emerged from their beds.

The UK  

Ooh. . .  The opening sentence of a right-wing’ columnist: Ever since the New Labour era, Britain has been sleepwalking into a social democratic dystopia – a desolate New Jerusalem of high-tax stagnation, controlling welfarism and religious worship of the NHS. What the country needs above all, she says, is: A constant focus on economic growth, so political debate is not trapped in an endless discussion over redistribution. She has a point. But is pessimistic about even a Tory government providing this. Which will please those on the Left who don’t think so much about the size of the pie they want to divide more equitably. Though I think Tony Blair used to claim that he did do this, with his Third Way, despite being ‘a socialist’. Not a claim endorsed by the British Left. To say the least.

Finally . . . .

To amuse . . .

Very gratifying but very puzzling . . . Readership of this blog more than doubled its daily average yesterday. And this morning there are at least 10 times the usual overnight numbers. Suggesting the readers – assuming they’re not bots – are outside the European times zones. Can it really be because of the reference to Judith Durham?? 

Which reminds me . . . Apologies for this missing link yesterday, before I inserted it. On the lady, here’s a comment on a CD of hers I bought a few years ago: Judith Durham returned to her jazz roots with this extraordinary album of big-band blues and jazz standards. Durham belts these numbers out like a latter-day Ethel Merman, only bigger voiced and with an excellent feel for the genre and the sound in which she’s working. Highly recommended by me too. Sadly, like several others, this CD has gone walkabout from my collection. Bloody visitors.

For new readers: If you’ve landed here looking for info on Galicia or Pontevedra, try here. If you’re passing through Pontevedra on the Camino, you’ll find a guide to the city there.


  1. Error 404

    But is that different from either
    1. The coastal route Pv-Combarro- Sanxenxo etc, or
    2 The Variante Espiritual Pv-Combarro- Armenteira.Cambados-Padrón?

    Or is it?
    O Grove
    Villagarcia de Arosa


    i.e. Sharing bits of 1. the coastal route from Pv and2. the Cambados-Padrón bit of the Spiritual?

    If so, the only new bit s from O Grove to Sanxenxo, I guess.



  2. It begins in Corrubedo and follows the north coast of the Ría de Arousa to Padrón. More than likely, it’s an attempt to bring more tourists up here.


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